Platform self

That the human soul and inherited functions and an old mattress and we suffer and mourn because we are in a conflict between the old job and the restrictions that prevent us from civilization practice. Since the beginning of the creation of human disease and the search for self- conflict here began with the development of the mind and discover the different worlds in the land of natural resources, increased human attempts to control the rest of the creatures and objects surrounding it. Then started the conflict between power and mind and who will win, and these attempts and ideas man tried to enter or uses a new method to control and control over the other Pets minds and control tool parallel to power tools and to be the new weapon used in the implementation of future projects, namely religion

platform of self-titled and the idea of working

Platform of self is the goal set by the self itself to reach the top of the pyramid, climbing on everything that holds rights of the dreams and aspirations and feelings of humanity, climbing all norms and laws, climbing all generations and all minds, climbing all alphabets and the bread crumbs, climbing on children's laughter, dreams and so self- developed laws.

Our lives in a variety of platforms multiform, from the pulpit of the school, and transferring between the stages through the corridors of the platform teacher and then a manager who were afraid of the mere mention of his name. Then depending on the pulpit career forms and from all walks of life to reach the upper platforms that control our ambitions, which are grown in us seeds of despair and pain to grow trees of backwardness and ignorance to obscure the light that illuminates our pace of life of hope and the future steps

The concept of self is, absolute loyalty is the only law that keeps you alive, if you want to live, you should 've been stripped of everything bearing of concepts and ideas and join the herd and loaded with ideas of self- insured.

Sarmad Al Musawi