Sarmad Al Musaw


Born in Baghdad

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baghdad University


2013- La Gallery National

Design Days Dubai Art fair 2013 to showcase his first work regarding design and Furniture. On the Gallery national Booth. It's very important for the gallery to promote Middle East artist and especially designers. Sarmad is definitely talent designer artist. His work is elegant and powerful. His character is smooth without any arrogance. We are very proud to work with him in his new orientation.


2013- La gallery national – Dubai sculpture and design exhibition.

2012- La gallery national – Dubai calligraphy painting exhibition.

2011-He holds the second Award in a contest Burda ninth Session in.

2010-Participated in the Frills and inscriptions in Arabic calligraphy In Sharjah  Museum of Art.


2010 - Participated in the Sharjah International Biennial Forum of the Calligraphy of the 2010 - -2010 - held a personal                                                         exhibition at the  Festival of Date Palm in Abu Dubai.


2009 - the holder of the first prize in the audio-visual exhibition in Sharjah.

2008 - Set up a joint exhibition in Dubai Horner Gallery.

2008 - Set up a joint exhibition in the hall domes of the Arts Abu Dhabi.

2007 - Set up a joint exhibition in the hall domes of the Arts in Abu Dhabi.

 2007 - Participated in group art exhibition potters at the Cultural Foundation in  Abu Dhabi.

2006 – 2007 Participated in the exhibition-General of the Emirates Association of Fine.

2006 - Participated in the Armed Forces Officers Club in Abu Dhabi.

2005 - Participated in the exhibition of Iraqi artists in Sweden.

2004 - Participated in a group exhibition Islamic art a Sharjah Art Museum.

1997 – 2005 - Participated in all exhibitions of the Emirates Association of Fine Arts.

2001 - Participated in group exhibition Islamic arts a Sharjah Art Museum.

2001 - Participated in a group exhibition in Abu Dhabi cultural Foundation U.A.E

2000 - Participated in the Cairo Biennale of Ceramics and, won a prize.

1999 - Member of the Organizing Committee and the coordination and preparation at   the Sharjah Biennial International Arts Center.


1999 - Won first prize in the exhibition, the eighteenth year of the Emirates Fine Arts

1999 - participated in the Sharjah Biennial International Art-fourth session.

1998 - Participated in the exhibition of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic ornamentation in   the lobby of the Sharjah Art (Bait Obeid Al Shamsi)


1998 - Participated in the AL Harofiat in the Sharjah Art Museum.

1998 - Member of the Dubai International Art Centre.

1998 - Participated in a joint exhibition at the Dubai International Art Center.

1998 - Set up a joint exhibition of Ceramics - sunshine of Fine Art organized by the  Emirates Heritage Club Phone


1998 - The teaching and working on the completion of the first specialized ceramic and  pottery at the center of the Sharjah Art Institute.


1998 - Won the third prize in the exhibition, the seventeenth year of the Emirates Fine  Arts society.

1997 - Established a personal exhibition entitled of the ceramics in the hall of the mall   business in Dubai.

1997 - Member of the Emirates Association of Fine Arts.

1997 - The teaching of ceramics in the centers of children's culture in Sharjah.

1997 - The establishment of the Ceramics Department at the Institute of the Sharjah Art.

1995 - Established a personal exhibition in Jordan (Pre Pot) Gallery.

1995 - Participated in a collective member of the Royal Cultural Center – Jordan.

1992 - Participated in many group exhibitions in Iraq.

1990 - held personal exhibitions in the hall of Babylon – Hotel Baghdad.

1989 - solo exhibitions in the hall of Al Rasheed - Hotel Baghdad.

1988 -1987 Participated in four group exhibitions in Iraq

1986- participated in the Biennale in Baghdad of Saddam Center for the Arts.



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Phone : +1 586 404 2433